10 Best WordPress Themes for News Websites

WordPress Themes

Apart from Blogger, WordPress is a great platform for online news and magazine websites or blogs. But there are millions of WordPress sites out there. Here are the 10 Best WordPress Themes for News Websites.

In this competitive business, it is important to use the best and most attractive theme for your website for visitors to see. The best WordPress themes are lightweight or fast (fast loading) themes, besides being simple and clean.

Besides working on Blogger, Gleedthemes also creates and manages several WordPress-based blogs or websites.

The first thing that Gleedthemes always asks clients, after the chosen domain name and web hosting package, is what kind of display do you want, aka which theme do you want to use. Generally, they leave it to the Gleedthemes about the WordPress theme used.

In this article, we will share the 10 best free and premium WordPress themes for WordPress CMS-based news blogs.

We share 10 Best WordPress Themes for News Website most popular or most used so far. Respectively the 5 best free WordPress themes and the 5 best premium WordPress themes.

The best here is that size: light, clean. SEO matters, WP blogs are relatively the same because they generally use the Yoast SEO plugin or other SEO plugins.

Here are the 10 Best WordPress Themes for News Websites. The first five WordPress news themes are free. Just ten choices, so you don’t get confused!

For free themes, you don’t need to download and upload, because everything is already available in the WP dashboard Themes menu.

Just click  Themes  >  New Theme and type the name of the theme above in the search box, then install and activate!

Free  News WP Theme

1. ColorMag

ColorMag Themes WP

ColorMag is a perfectly responsive magazine-style WordPress theme. Perfect for news, newspapers, magazines, publishing, business, and any type of site. Always updated and lightweight for the size of the magazine-style theme.

2. MH Themes

MH Themes WP

MH Themes provides many free and premium themes. One of them is MH Magazine, which is widely used because it is simple and light for the size of a news WP Theme.

3. Newseqo

Newseqo Themes WP

The Newseqo WP Theme is fairly the newest theme available in the Free WordPress Themes collection. This theme is clean, and easy to use for Newsportal, Magazines, Publishers, Blogs, Online, Editor, and Business News sites.

This News Magazine Theme is built with Bootstrap4 framework, the perfect Elementor Builder for News Magazine Websites. Newseqo comes with 7+ News Blocks like News Tab, News Slider, News List, News Carousel etc.

4. HitMag

HitMag Themes WP

HitMag is a stylish theme built for magazine, newspaper or personal blog websites based on WordPress. HitMag comes with several options to customize your site the way you want. The free version includes a magazine homepage layout, 4 different blog style list layouts and main color options. It includes related post after article and post metadata control.

5. Never

Never Themes Wordpress

Neve is a multifunctional theme that is super fast (superfast loading), easy to customize and easy to use. Besides being good for news websites, this theme is also great for personal blogs, business blogs, startups, e-commerce stores, as well as portfolio sites. This theme design for news sites can be enhanced with Elementor, Brizy, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, Divi plugins.

There you have it, the 10 Best WordPress Themes for News Websites. If that’s still not enough, we will add one more recommendation: The Skin WP Theme with a post grid style.

If that’s still not enough, you can search for it on the WP dashboard by clicking Themes > New Theme > typing “news” in the Search column.

Here are the 5 Best Premium WordPress Themes for News Websites. We recommend that news sites use premium themes to make them more professional and credible.

Premium News WP Theme


PowerMag Themes Wp

Powermag is the latest WordPress magazine theme that you must have. This theme is Woocommerce. Very fast load with lazy load. Not only that, this theme supports the kentooz Socializer plugin for social button solutions and social widgets. This homepage which can be changed with widgets and themes has many high-CTR ad placements.


NewsPapers Themes Wordpress

Many WP based news sites use this popular theme.


Sahifa Themes Wordpress

.Sahifa News Theme is a customizable, modern, fast-loading, customizable, flexible, functional, fully responsive, and user-friendly WordPress News, Magazine, Newspaper, and blog Theme.


NewsMag Themes WP

Newsmag WP Theme is one mother and daughter with Newspaper. Only different names, design, and features are relatively the same as good and complete with NewsPaper.

How to Install WordPress on Cpanel Easily

Cpanel Host

After previously badoy discussed how to install WordPress on localhost, now badoy will explain how to install WordPress on cPanel.

WP Can Be Installed Directly on Your Hosting

Because not everyone knows that creating a website with WordPress must always be on localhost first. But you can also buy domain hosting directly and after that just install WordPress.

Compared to using localhost, installing WordPress on cPanel is very easy. We don’t need:

  • Download Xampp tools
  • Download the core cms WordPress files
  • and create database PHPMyAdmin

Because cPanel has provided features that make it easier, its name is Softaculous.

Softaculous is one of the features in cPanel that can make it easier for us to install CMS. The cms here are not only WordPresss but there are:

  • Prestashop
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Moodle
  • and others

5 Steps to Install WordPress on CPanel

Well, instead of lingering, let’s just practice how to install WordPress directly on cPanel. Here’s the discussion:

Login to CPanel

Login to CPanel

The first is, of course, you must first enter the cPanel of the hosting that you have purchased. The way to access it is: website name/cPanel. Then enter the username and password to log in. If you forgot your cPanel account, please check the email used to purchase the hosting and domain. Usually, the provider will provide complete cPanel info via email.

If you still forget, please contact the CS directly from the hosting provider that you trust to buy hosting.

Features of Softaculous Apps Installer

Features of Softaculous Apps Installer

If you have successfully entered your website’s cPanel, now is the time to look for the Softaculous feature. To search for it, you can go directly through the search feature and type “softaculous”. Or you can also just scroll down, usually this softaculous is at the very bottom. If you have found it, please immediately click on the feature, so that various CMS options will be displayed that are ready to be installed.

Select and Install WordPress

Select and Install WordPress

Because we are going to install WordPress, just select and click the WordPress icon. After that we will be taken to a complete page for installing WordPresss. Where can we see the menus:

  • Overview
  • Features
  • Demos
  • Screenshots
  • and so forth

Because we are going to install, then just select the install now button.

WordPress Configuration

WordPress Configuration

Next, a dashboard will be displayed for configuring WordPress installs on cPanel.

  1. Software setup: in the choose protocol section, please select the desired protocol. If you are already using SLL then select HTTPS:// if you can’t just select HTTP.
  2. Choose domain: please enter the domain that WordPress will be installed on. If for example the subdomain, select the subdomain that was created.
  3. In directory: just leave this section blank. So that later the website will be directly installed on the intended domain without any other directories.
  4. Site settings: please enter the title and description of our website.
  5. Username and password: in this section, don’t forget to also enter the username and password which will later be used to log into the WordPress website dashboard. Make sure to use a password that is difficult for others to guess.
  6. Language and plugins: in this section, we can choose which language to use on the website. I usually choose English. The plugin itself does not have to be selected in this section. So later we will install the plugin after WordPress has been successfully installed on this cPanel.
  7. Advanced options: in this section, we can configure the WordPress database. Like the name of the database and the table. Then we can also set up auto upgrades and backups. Finally, just click Install
  8. Then the installation process will begin, and usually only takes a few minutes.

WordPress Has Finished Installing

Furthermore, when it is finished, information about the domain used will be displayed. To directly access it, you can click the URL provided in this information. Usually, there are two URLs. That is the direct URL to the website and one more URL to enter the dashboard of the WordPress website.

That’s how to install WordPress on cPanel directly using the Softaculous feature. It’s not very easy compared to we have to install on localhost using XAMPP. Hopefully useful and don’t forget to share with your other friends too.