How To Build A Full Stack Nested Comments System

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If you are wanting to build a complex full stack project then this is the video for you. In this video we will be covering how to setup and connect a backend, database, and React frontend. This is a large and complex project, but is amazing for your resume.

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FREE React Hooks Course:
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Cors Article:
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React Router Article:
React Context Video:
React Context Article:
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⏱️ Timestamps:

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:55 – Prisma database setup
00:13:26 – Server setup
00:21:01 – Connecting the client to the server
00:30:57 – React Router setup
00:33:19 – useAsync custom hook
00:41:58 – Get post server route
00:44:23 – Post context setup
00:50:44 – Render comments
01:09:30 – Comment form component
01:15:45 – Create comment client logic
01:19:15 – Create comment server logic
01:21:21 – User authentication
01:26:00 – Saving comments on the client
01:30:15 – Comment reply logic
01:34:35 – Update comment server logic
01:38:00 – Update comment client logic
01:42:53 – Delete comment server logic
01:43:54 – Delete comment client logic
01:46:23 – User permission UI
01:48:38 – Like comments server logic
01:57:55 – Like comments client logic

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